Our values act as both our company identity and dedication to be the most talented aquaponics design company in the world. Backed by a social mission focused on helping solve food shortages and paying the knowledge forward, we are raising the bar for aquaponics design.

To us, organic production starts with organic design. Outside of the fundamental methods of aquaponics technology, we push the limits of unique and innovative design, ensuring the delivery of a one of a kind experience and system. We carefully analyze, research, and create a custom design that not only adapts to your personalized property, but also maintains originality.

Much like a trusted friend, we will always put your best interests combined with environmental sustainability first — regardless of project size or budget — so that we can become your trusted partner in constructing an aquaponics system. Our techniques and decisions are based on using less water, space, and energy, with chemically-free organic production showcased on a stunning display.

There’s no standard playbook for creating beautiful designs and innovative aquaponics systems. We genuinely care about the precision detail required to go above and beyond from the early design phases of a project, to the system’s first flourishing harvest. Striving to always deliver what we promise you, to meet every deadline, and to communicate proactively are second nature.


Shafi Karim
Shafi KarimCo-Founder / CEO
Shafi’s creative, enthusiastic, and caring nature is perfect for matching each client’s exclusive desires as well as skillfully featuring a project’s unique presence and character. Going above and beyond is a minimum requirement that spills over into all facets of the business.
Martin Niwinski
Martin NiwinskiAquaponics Designer
Martin enjoys improving lives by growing healthy food sustainably through aquaponics. He loves the art of designing systems that are effective, beautiful and have longevity.
Michael Hensel
Michael HenselCo-Founder / Aquaponics Designer
Michael Hensel is a heart centered humanitarian, driven by a strong passion to deliver social and environmental impact.
Michael’s focus is on ‘Nature Inspired Technology’ by building beautiful one-of-a-kind aquaponics systems around the world.
Dan Matulich
Dan MatulichAquaponics Designer
Dan is a certified aquaponics designer and is constantly studying the cutting edge of farming methods that bring us closer to harmony with nature. He has studied aquaponics and permaculture since 2011 and is ready to showcase his knowledge and passion.
Keith Cammell
Keith CammellMarketing
Keith is an abstract problem solver with a background in Engineering and Advertising. He’s passionate about human and environmental rights and is motivated to creatively scale aquaponics.
Ali Abbou
Ali AbbouArchitect
Ali’s love for the craft, creativity and ambition combined with his passion for sustainable concepts make him dedicated to each project from the idea to the execution.
Dr. Aftab Alam
Dr. Aftab AlamVP of Sustainable Technologies and Urban Agriculture