beautifying aquaponics

modern vision

Based in the heart of Los Angeles, our dedication to pushing the boundaries of aquaponics has no borders. We encourage collaboration, partnership and the candid global outlook that we can learn and achieve together. 

Our expertise ranges in modern custom systems, to offering modular products backed by proprietary technology. Commercially scaled ventures are supported by our dynamic team across the world.

From reimagining food security, to the lasting impact of self-sustainability, we have an opportunity to modernize aquaponics to create equity for the planet.

exponential PURPOSE

Our mission is based on closing the loop on scalable business and generational impact. 

Aquaponics Design Company is committed to donating a percentage of profits to Koya Project, an associated 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on scaling aquaponics to disadvantaged communities, schools, food deserts, and many other applications across the globe.

As a proud business member of 1% for the Planet, Aquaponics Design Company pledges a contribution of at least one percent of annual sales to non-profit organizations. 


Shafi Karim


Forever a student of life, Shafi utilizes a diverse background of biology, psychology, advertising, government tech and research. As an impact capitalist, his yearn is to redefine purposeful work with modern aquaponics, leveraging the common sense that scaling business directly enables more humanitarian impact. Striving to break stigmas is critical.

Michael Hensel


A craftsman of one in the world design, Michael is passionate about pioneering aquaponics innovation globally. Experiencing the contrast in quality of life between the elite circles of beverage and hospitality, to witnessing food insecurity in Cambodia, he came full circle in identifying solutions that bring lasting impact. 

Dr. Aftab Alam

VP / SR. advisor

Proven track record in sustainable tech and urban agriculture, Aftab’s scientific influence spans decades of R&D and patents related to Aquaculture and Biosciences. Hybrid striped bass, salmon and shrimp are evolving data points of expertise. Consultancy includes the Food Sector of the $500 Billion NEOM project and the FAO of the United Nations.

Dr. Mahandra Shah

vp / SR. advisor

With over 40-plus years of contributions, Mahendra bridges experience with United Nations organizations and agencies such as FAO, WFP, UNDP, in addition to the World Bank, IIASA and CGIAR. Dedicated to food security, agriculture, nutrition and health, his next chapter is on embracing humanity and creating a sustainable humane world through holistic wellness valleys.

Our valued partners

We are proud to work with world leaders on making the world a better place